75th Hagenbuch Reunion Provides Unique Experiences

Cousins Gathered Hagenbuch Reunion
Detail of a photo of cousins gathered at the Hagenbuch Reunion

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5 Responses

  1. Ben Hagenbuch says:

    I’m sorry we couldn’t make it and I’m happy a good time was had by all. Great article!

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    looks like a good time was had by all .. sorry that I couldn’t attend .. maybe next year .. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication for the family.

  3. Norma Hurter says:

    Thank you for a wonderful reunion. It was great meeting many of my Hagenbuch cousins and learning about our past cousins. Coming together, I felt a connection. I’m looking forward to the possibility of getting together in the future.
    I also want to help with building the Hagenbuch family tree,
    Norma Kay Hurter

  4. Kirk Swenson says:

    I just learned about this site this week (Thanks Norma Kay). My paternal grandmother was Pearl Elizabeth Hagenbuch (married Swenson) and my great grandfather was Rutter Jeremiah Hagenbuch, with Andrew Creveling Hagenbuch as my great great grandfather. If there is an upcoming Hagenbuch reunion, I would love to know about it and hopefully attend. My grandmother moved to New Jersey and thus my family remains only a short two hour drive to Mifflinville where my grandmother used to reside and where she is buried with her husband and other members of the Hagenbuch and Aten families.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Kirk. Thanks for your message and I am going to respond to your email inquiring as well. To answer your question, we are currently planning a reunion in 2024 at Hidlay Lutheran Church where some of your ancestors are buried. There is a mention of the reunion planning at the end of this recent article: https://www.hagenbuch.org/nine-years-on/ We hope you will be able to make it!

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