Our Kistler Cousins

Jacob and Christina (Hagenbuch) Kistler Gravestone
Grave marker for Jacob and Christina (Hagenbuch) Kistler. Credit: Findagrave.com/nutmeggenealogy

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  1. Bruce Kistler says:

    Thank you for the great article. Elaine Schwar dubbed the convoluted early history of the Kistlers the “Kistler Confusion.” She (and others) discovered that much of the information on the John George Kistler grave marker is incorrect. I relate this story in my book Across the Blue Mountain, A Pennsylvania Family Saga and Memoir. (Amazon)

    • Nadine says:

      Hi Bruce let me ask you a question on one of the kistler’s i’m stumped on. My Jacob Kistler married a Christina (assuming but not 100% sure Everitt). His children’s baptism records show that the sponsors were Jacob Sr and Catherine (yes oddly Sr was used) and he himself is listed as “Jr”. That particular daughter was Judith born in 1906. Literally hundred’s of people on ancestry have Jacob being deceased at the same date, but I found a will that lists him (known for a fact because his daughter Judith and an earlier husband’s last name is listed as well) as passing away in 1827. Nobody can seem to help because they don’t have the same info as me and I’m just truly stuck. please help!!:)

  2. Liad Pernock says:

    Hello! Are the Kistlers in your family related to the Kistler Vineyards family in Sonoma County, CA? I am doing some research about Rosemont College. Thank you.

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      Liad….I don’t know if they are related or not. Kistler is not an uncommon name but if one does the research back to where the Kistler Vineyards Family came from, they may have started in Pennsylvania someplace.

  3. Bruce Kistler says:

    I emailed them several years ago to see if I could establish a connection but got no reply.

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