Family Recipes: Wintergreen Cake

Wintergreen Cake Detail
Detail of an image showing the finished wintergreen cake.

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  1. Bob Hagenbuch Sr Bob Hagenbuch Sr says:

    Andrew, You may remember that Nana & Pop kept wintergreen candies in their car. Marcia and I have recently discovered where we can buy these: a small “Amish” store in Butler MO. It’s on our way when we visit our grandchildren in Arkansas, so now we always have them handy in our car on trips across the country!

    • Andrew Hagenbuch Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      I don’t remember the candies in their car, though I have heard my father talk about it too. They do seem to be a “vintage” candy at this point and not stocked so frequently anymore!

  2. Avatar Dave Hagenbuch says:

    Andrew I found the wintergreen candies here in central Florida at a CVS pharmacy. They appear to be the same ones in the bag in your photo above. They may be made in Canada. CVS has a whole line of “store brand” candy.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Yes! That sounds similar to our CVS here in PA. There was a special display with lots of those little baggies of candy. Glad you found them 🙂

  3. Avatar Dave Hagenbuch says:

    BTW….CVS (Consumer Value Store) started in Lowell, Mass.

  4. Avatar Susan Ames says:

    Thank you for this recipe. My family loves chocolate covered wintergreen patties! I am going to try your recipe but use a chocolate frosting and filling instead. You might want to consider that as well. Growing up in CT with relatives in MA, we would stop on our way up to MA at Hebert’s candy store and get these wintergreen patties sandwiched together with chocolate. Can’t find them any more but have found a candy store near my brother in RI that makes chocolate covered patties – to die for! Thanks again and cross your fingers!!!

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