Andreas Hagenbuch’s “Charming” Shipmates

English Brigantine 1725
Detail of a drawing of an English brigantine ship from 1725. Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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  1. Justin Hagenbuch says:

    I am curious to know if anyone has had a DNA test, and where exactly in the Holy Roman Empire the Hagenbuch family came from(besides Stuttgart).

  2. Calvin James Wetzel Jr-20609 says:

    I am the 5th great grandson of Johann “Jacob” Wetzel (I)-3515, last of Hereford Twp., Berks Co. PA. My ancestral line is Johann “George” Wetzel-929, b. 1749, Johannes “John” Wetzel-986, b. 1777, Valentine “Felton” Wetzel-8146, b. 1816, James Wetzel-20614, b. 1867, David George Wetzel-20612, b. 1894, Calvin James Wetzel Sr.-20610, b. 1918. Reference numbers are from “Descendants chart for some Wetzel’s of S. E. PA.” by Charles Kerchner-1, Cmdr., USN, retired, of Emmaus, PA.

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      Thanks for the info, Calvin. If you want, I can put you in contact with Kim Sebestyen who is featured in the article and also a descendant of Johann Jacob Wetzel. Good to hear from you and glad you have read our articles.

  3. Calvin James Wetzel Jr.-20609 says:

    Hi Mark, Yes please contact Kim for me and send her my e-mail. I am also a contributor on the Find A Grave site and have done much work on the descendants of Sgt. Philip Wetzel Sr.-2961 (1751-1826), artillery, PA. Continental Line, 13th Regiment. I have been working on connecting this family on Find A Grave. Many are located in New Berlin, Snyder Co. PA.

  4. Merle Ilgenfritz says:

    I am the 6th great grandson of George Ilgenfritz and his wife Applonia. Who was born in 1702 and died in 1749 where he settled with his son George Ilgenfritz II.

    My 5th great grandfather was a Patriot in the American Revolution and lived from 1728 – 1810 and had 17 children in total.

    It would be interesting if you built a page for decendents of the Charming Nancy voyage.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Merle. Thanks for your comment and nice to hear from you! That’s a neat idea, and we will keep it in mind. Our main focus is Hagenbuch family history which keeps us quite busy 🙂 Take care and thanks again!

  5. Merle Ilgenfritz says:

    If you would create the page I’d be glad to do the work and send you the content. My email is, I think it would be a great resource for researchers.

  6. Laurie Scott says:

    I have quite a coincidence to share. My mother’s ancestors are from Stuttgart and are Hagenbuch that married into the Dorn, Gebhard(t) from Pfaffenhofen were sought by Michigan in 1848. They were here by 1846. On my Dad’s side is the Wetzel family that eventually created a “Whetsell Settlement” in Preston County, WV. My Shockley ancestor sailed here also in 1737. He hosted Mason and Dixon as they divided his property into PA and MD. Has anyone done DNA tests in Europe to bridge the centuries of immigration? My family has in a branches tested Y-DNA, autosomal DNA, etc. I would like to communicate with other distant cousins. Lots to share.

  7. Andrew Hagenbuch says:

    Hi Laurie. Nice to here from you! Do you know the names of the Hagenbuch ancestors in your mother’s line? That would be interesting to know. We have been in contact with a distant cousin not far from Stuttgart, Ulrich Hagenbuch. He is shown in this article: We haven’t done DNA tests with him. My father than done an Ancestry DNA test, though.

    Feel free to shoot us an email using the Contact Us form here:

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