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Mark and Andrew Hagenbuch 2019 Detail 5

Five Years On

Earlier this year, I was telling someone about a few of the articles that had been published on Hagenbuch.org. Their response: How much can you write about one family? Well, according to our most...

Port of Philadelphia mid-1700s 3

Meet the “Charming” Captain

A ship at sea is its own world. To be the captain of a ship is to be the unquestioned ruler of that world and requires all of the leadership skills of a prince...

Beech Tree Sunset in Autumn 4

One Year On

In October of 2014, Hagenbuch.org was born. Since then my father, Mark Hagenbuch, and I have filled the site with over 50 articles on topics related to the Hagenbuch family, history, and genealogy. It’s...