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Conrad Hagenbuch Gravestone Detail 1

Mary C. Hagenbuch’s Counterpane, Part 2

When Andrew and I started this site almost seven years ago, we were interested in preserving stories of our family, predominantly our immediate Hagenbuch family. In 2016, Andrew launched Beechroots, our online family tree....

Declaration of Independence in German Detail 2

July of 1776

We have numerous questions about Andreas Hagenbuch, including some about the Revolutionary War service of Andreas’ four sons: Henry (b. 1737), Michael (b. 1746), Christian (b. 1747), and John (b. 1763). These were explored...

Edna Scales and Benjamin Fifield, 1888 0

The Family Scales

After the article about rescheduling the Hagenbuch Reunion to June of 2022, there were several reader questions about the two children who died within four days of each other. Sarah Scales was born in...