The Haugabook Family: A Lost Line of Hagenbuchs?

Congaree River Detail
Banks of the Congaree River in South Carolina. Credit: flickr/congareenps

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  1. Enid Hogrobrooks says:

    Love this history lesson since I’m the last woman standing

  2. Andrew Hagenbuch says:

    Hi Enid! Great to hear from you, and it’s a wonderful family picture 🙂 It’s terrific that your family holds such a well-attended reunion.

    I learned a lot working on this article and was happy to discover there is another branch of Hagenbuchs here in the US.

  3. Tom Kaigler says:

    Hey cousin, Since I was 6 or so, I have been wondering where the middle name of my grandfather, Benjamin Haughabook Kaigler came from. I was able to determine Haughabook was his maternal grandmother’s maiden name, but that was it. Someone apparently wanted us to remember the name. Looking at the map of Saxe-Gotha township, I see a lot of familiar names. We used to own part of Haughabook swamp. And relatives owned a colonial house about where the Hermann Geiger section is, up until the ’80’s. Thank you for solving this mystery. Is there any way I can get in touch with Harriet Imrey?

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Tom! Wonderful to hear your story and I’m glad that this research helped answer your question. The source I found from Harriet mentions an email address of harriet (at) imrey (dot) com. That said, it looks like it is from the early 2000s, so I am not positive it is still working. It’s worth a shot though.

    • Harriet Imrey says:

      If you’re still looking for an address, try hhimrey (at) Yes, you’d certainly see a lot of familiar names on that map. The Kaiglers got there in 1752 on the snow Rowand, so don’t appear on this early plat map.

  4. Josette Mitchell says:

    This information about my deceased husband family line on his father’s side is very interesting and informative. To him, family was always important. Thank you for the family history. Having the family reunions enriches family values for our young people and brings closure to some misunderstandings of the family background for the elders.

  5. Willie j Haugabrook says:

    Such a rich history.

  6. Lucretia M. Hill says:

    My name is Lucretia Haugabrook, married name Hill, I am happy to learn about the legacy of my father’s name. Please some one contact me, I would love to attend the family reunions to meet my family. My father is Herbert Haugabrook out of Cordel Ga.

    • Barbara White says:

      My recent discovery is that our ancestors lived in Macon County, Georgia. They were Haugabook in the 1870 census. They changed the surname to Moore. They were descendants of Samuel Haugabook and Sallie Haugabook. They had a son Israel who married Serena. Israel was my 2 times great grandfather.

      • Leon Brown says:

        My Great Grandmother was Nancy Lee Haugabrook the daughter of Clovis and Fannie Haugabrook from Macon county


      Hello, i pray all is well and i wanted to know if your father had a relative by the name of Jessie haugabook/ brook?

  7. Gerald says:

    My ancestor was Caroline Haughabook born in 1818 in SC. I do not know anything about her ancestors.

    • Kenneth Hoffman says:

      Caroline Ann Haugabook was Jacobs great grand-daughter if we are referring to the same one that is. She is my ancestor married to Joseph Knight. Her mother was Webert Haugabook and her father was a John Haugabook who was the second son of Jacob.

    • Iris Ball says:

      Gerald, I have just completed research on Caroline Ann Haugabook who married Joseph D Knight. She is the dau/o Webert Haugabook who is the dau/o John Haugabook, son/o the Immigrant Jacob Hagenbuch/Haugabook who settled in Saxe-Gotha Twp, Lexington, SC. As you know, many of her Knight descendants still live in Sandy Run, now Calhoun County, SC.

  8. Byron says:

    I heard about this reunion but was never interested until I can find a factual connection to the group. I was always told that the name was Dutch. Has anyone else heard that angle or have I been misguided all these years?

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Byron. This is a common point of confusion! “Deutsch” is often misheard as “Dutch”. This is most notable with the Pennsylvania Dutch, who are actually of German (Deutsch) ancestry and not Dutch. The Hagenbuch family is of Swiss-German descent. Therefore we believe the Haugabrooks (who derive from Jacob Hagenbuch, b. 1704) are too.

      • Demetria Haugabook says:

        I’m more so interested in the named of the previously enslaved people of Macon County and their original names and Origins prior to being enslaved by Haugabooks etc. Do you have information on that?

        • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

          Hi Demetria! This is a great question and an important one within this family group. From what I have heard, the records needed to answer the origins of enslaved people are often missing. Because this isn’t my direct line (my Hagenbuch family is rooted in Pennsylvania) I haven’t delved further into the Haugabook line since writing this article.

          Perhaps someone else in this thread who is a direct descendant of this group has worked on the question you are asking? Sorry I cannot be of more assistance!

          • Goddess Demetria Haugabook says:

            I heard the Swiss didn’t participate in enslaving Indigenous Peoples, is this true? If so I’m wondering How Haugabook came about, origins etc… Because I understand we weren’t all enslaved and we aren’t all brought here from Africa on Ships. Many of us are Muskogee, Seminole and Cherokee.

  9. Rick Haugabook says:

    Hello kin! My name is Rick Haugabook, ( Richard Cheney Haugabook Jr.)
    John R Haugabook was my great grandfather, (of Macon County Georgia)
    He moved here from South Carolina with his brother Daniel Haugabook.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Rick. Thanks for providing your line and this may help some of the Haugabook researchers out there. I’m glad that you can connect your line back to the Hagenbuch name now. Take care 🙂

  10. Carol Edwards says:

    My Grandmothers maiden name was Anna Christina Hagenbuch, born in 1845.
    I have no other information on her.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Carol. Thanks for your message. What was her married name and who did she marry? Also, where in the US (state, city, etc) did your grandmother live? Using that information we might be able to find her! You can contact us directly using the contact form on this site too:

  11. Jeffery Haugabook says:

    My name is Jeffery Haugabook jr and ive been asked for years where my name came from and now I know. Great history!!

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Jeffery. Thanks for writing and good to hear from you! I’m glad that you can connect your line back to the Hagenbuch name now. Take care 🙂

  12. Carla Haughabook says:

    I’m also a descendant of Webert Haughabook. Legend says her mother was a Congaree woman and father was a German. Any clues on who her mother was?

  13. Leon Brown says:

    My Great Grandmother was Nancy Lee Haugabrook she’s the daughter of Clovis and Fannie Haugabrook. Dan Thomas was the brother of Fannie! We all are from Montezuma Ga

    • Caroline Nicholson Carter says:

      My family is from Montezuma GA. My maternal grandmother was Caroline Haugabook (DOB around 1895), married Henry Thornton, Sr. Her mother was Dinah Haugabook (DOB around 1875). Caroline’s siblings were Palmette Haugabook (1893), Shelton Morton 91890), Eva Lou Morton (1888), and Albert Haugabook (1880).

      • James Carrington says:

        My mom was a haugabook some one told me that the family that had my ancestors slaves was the haugabook electric company. Is this the same ppl as yours

      • Demetria Haugabook says:

        I’m more so interested in the named of the previously enslaved people of Macon County in Montezuma Ga and their original names and Origins prior to being enslaved by Haugabooks etc. Do you have information on that?

        • SHAWNTRELL GREEN says:

          Can you please contact me i have been searching for my father’s, father’s family and his dad is from Montezuma his name was Jessie Haugabook

          • Demetria says:

            My mother and her parents were from Montezuma. Im not sure about Jessie. We do have a lot of family in Miami by the names of Tookes and Haugabook

          • shawntrell says:

            Yes, Demetria I am from Miami as well. My grandfather Jessie moved to Miami where he met my grandmother and he worked as a porter on Miami Beach. My fathers name is Jeffrey he said he remember meeting some cousins and family but doesn’t remember they names

          • Tami Haugabrook langhorne says:

            Hello. I need to verify with my father but I remember a Jesse as an uncle.


    Please if the name Jessie Haugabook rings a bell please contact me he was from Montezuma, ga and moved to Miami, fl where he met my grandmother

  15. Shawntrell Green says:

    @ Tami please if you are able to confirm or deny I would like to l ow

  16. Demetria says:

    No unfortunately I’m not familiar.

  17. Shawntrell Green says:

    Does anyone know an Anthony that when he was younger had a grey patch I. His head sense he was little boy

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