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Hagenbuch Family Transatlantic Migrations Detail 2

Family On The Move: 1500–1800

Like many American families, our Hagenbuch family story is one of movement. It began in Switzerland sometime before the 1500s, migrated to what is now Germany in the 1600s, and finally came to America...

Ernest and Hannah Hagenbuch, 1943 1

The Five Families

Two weeks ago while searching Findagrave.com for information pertaining to my latest article, I came across a Christian Hagenbuch born in Germany in 1818 who is buried in Kansas. Amazed at this newly discovered...

Congaree River Detail 39

The Haugabook Family: A Lost Line of Hagenbuchs?

Most Hagenbuchs living in the United States can trace their ancestry to Andreas Hagenbuch, who landed with his family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1737. Andreas, however, was not the only Hagenbuch to...