Author: Mark Hagenbuch

Hagenbuch Reunion 1957 minutes detail 0

Reunions of the Past

It seems there are a lot of words being written about this year’s Hagenbuch reunion to be held on June 15, 2024 at Hidlay Church. And why not? The location is at a different...

Irene (Faus) Hagenbuch Scarf 1937 2

First Gifts

As I have mentioned over and over, I remember starting into genealogy as a boy and looking at lists of Hagenbuch names, dates, and places from various sources. Back then, one could buy a...

Gift For The Grangers Detail 1873 2

The Hagenbuchs and The Grange

I have mentioned in a few, previous articles that I was familiar with the Grange organization when I was growing up. A few weeks ago, Linda and I were visiting our daughter, Julie, her...