Percy Hagenbuch and Family

Percy & Gertrude Hagenbuch Family
Detail of a photo of Percy and Gertrude Hagenbuch's family, c. 1922

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2 Responses

  1. Barbara Hagenbuch Huffman says:

    I love Tuesdays because the latest article comes out on !
    This one about Uncle Perce s one of the best . I remember him so well , coming to help Dad in the summer . Sittng at the table eating Mom’s good food and listening to Uncle Perce stories ! He repeated
    them , but alas I don’t remember any of them !
    Thank you Mark and Andrew , for bringing back stories of the wonderful past !

  2. marjorie1 says:

    Percy was my grandpa, whom i always adored. He was fun and often made me laugh. I did not see him often, because my father John moved to Ohio where I grew up, but i always looked forward to our visits to Pennsylvania and his visits to Ohio. Many wonderful memories. I now live in southern California and have for many years. I just recently heard about this website and connected with Andrew, only to discover that he lives a couple miles from one of my sons in Oakland, California. I will be visiting my son soon and get to meet Andrew and looking forward to sharing family stories. So thrilled to find out about this website and connect with relatives.

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