The House Along the Allemaengel Road, Part 1

Allemaengel Road Andreas Hagenbuch 1754 Detail
Detail from a 1754 survey of the Allemaengel Road

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6 Responses

  1. I really appreciate this research. It is awesome to find hints about our ancestors. Glad you reached out to Bruce Kistler and discovered this road survey. I learned about the first, temporary Hagenbuch residence that I had not previously known. I lived in Berks County for three years and used to go up to the homestead area hoping to get a glimpse of the family cemetery. I am a descendant of Andreas via the son Christian & wife Susanna Dreisbach. (I am a 1974 graduate of Warrior Run High School).

  2. Bruce Kistler says:

    Great article Andrew. I’m glad the map led you to a Hagenbuch discovery. Thanks for the citations.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Thanks, Bruce! Hope your trip went well, and we are grateful that you preserved a copy of this map 🙂

  3. Bruce Kistler says:

    I had seen the petition for this portion of the Allemaengel Road previously but I did not realize until now that one of the examiners was Daniel Levan whose dwelling was the northern terminus of the road over the Oley Hills from Upper Hanover.


    A bit of wry humor in the road name! Maengel (plural) are defects, shortcomings, so the AlleMaengel name implies a textbook example of what a road should NOT be, all potholes, steep slopes with slippery footing, water hazards, sharp turns, rocks etc.

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