Meet the “Charming” Captain

Port of Philadelphia mid-1700s
Detail of a drawing showing the Port of Philadelphia, c. mid-1700s. Credit: Library of Congress

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  1. Ben Hagenbuch says:

    Once again a very interesting article. Thanks for all or your work to create this wonderful content.

  2. Robert Lamlein says:

    Hey Mark, Hello again today from the snowy Midwest. I do not think we are ever going to link your Andreas to my Jacob Winey….but they sure had a lot of friends in common. As a re-enactor, can you imagine sailing back from England aboard the Pennsylvania Packet and having weeks of on-deck conversations in 1767 with James Hamilton, Samuel Powel, and Francis Hopkinson???? Well, at age 50, my Jacob was coming back I suspect from a buying trip for his store, that was opposite the Old London Coffee House. And with Capt. Falkoner there was also a connection to Franklin stories! Think of the question we could get sorted out. Jacob eventually owned a ship called the Charming Nancy in the 1770s. Samuel Powel and Benjamin Chew are two of my favorite Phila. characters. Powel had traveled all over Europe before returning, even meeting the Pope, so when he bought the Stedman house for his bride he knew what was in fashion in London. I bet Powel and Chew bought more than a few choice Portuguese liquors at Jacob’s store. I hope to some day visit Cliveden and the Powel house,,,,,such gems. How exciting to defend the Chew house. Is it true they seldom slept there? More coming about my connection to Anthony Wayne and Daniel Udree who were certainly making history thereabouts too!

  3. Mary says:

    My interest is directed to Jacob Winey 1717-1795 and his possible relationship to Jacob Winey 1764 who lived in Juniata County if there is one. At this juncture there seems to be no connection. I would like to inquire about your knowledge of Jacob 1717. He indeed owned a store with Andrew Bunner and at one time owned the Brig’ Charming Nancy with Robert Waln, master John Cox. Jacob 1717 has quite a history in his relationship with Robert Morris, his being part of the Committee of Correspondence and owning various furnaces in Berks county. It does not appear that he had any children, but possible he had a wife named Frances and was an uncle to Daniel Udree.

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