On Reunions and Summer Picnics

4th Hagenbuch Reunion 1941
Detail of a photo of children at the 4th Hagenbuch Reunion, 1941.

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4 Responses

  1. Joseph Robb says:

    In the 1952 photo the girl next to Bob is June Robb and I believe that is Lee jr. next to June. I don’t think that this is 1952 because I would have been three years old. I do have other photos of this event of my father John Robb holding me. Uncle Lee is also in that picture. I believe this was at Uncle Wilmers place in the Mooresburg area.

  2. Joseph Robb says:

    Other thoughts on the photo 1952: This is more likely Summer of 1949 or 1950 do to the ages of these cousins. These are the oldest cousins Barbara, Nancy, Robert, Gary, Lee Jr., June, David, and not shown in the photo Joe and depending on the year Larry. Until I can locate the other prints I have of this gathering I can’t be 100%. I do remember the pedal “bike” in this picture. (4 wheels with a steering wheel).

  3. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    THANKS, Joe….I was unsure of the some of these children, so I just put the names that fit…..I’ll do a “redo” of it in the future with corrected names. Mark

    • Joseph Robb says:

      Thanks Mark! The more I think about the year I’m leaning towards 1950 by the size of David who Barb is holding making him about 19 to 21 mos. in the summer of 1950. I was 14 to 17 mos. and Larry would have been a baby of 4 to 6 mos. old. Maybe the reason it was held at Uncle Wilmer’s place, and Uncle Charles may have been visiting from MA.

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