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4th Hagenbuch Reunion 1941 4

On Reunions and Summer Picnics

The 74th Hagenbuch Reunion, held at Oak Grove Lutheran Church a few weeks ago, got me thinking about other reunions of the past. Not only the previous 73 reunions whose attendees were primarily descendants...

Hadley Faye Emig Chest Detail 0

What’s in a Name?

The recent birth of our first grandchild (a sweet, little girl named Hadley Faye Emig; parents – Nelson and Katie “Hagenbuch” Emig) reminded my wife Linda and me how important the naming process of...

Homer Hagenbuch Ice Cream 1956 2

Grape-Nut Ice Cream: a Hagenbuch Family Favorite

The Hagenbuch family in Pennsylvania has a reputation for making homemade ice cream. For several generations, it’s been a part of our family visits and gatherings. Out of all the possible flavors, one is...