Rethinking Andreas Hagenbuch’s Family: Part 2

Catherine Brauss Will Detail
Detail from the will of Catharina (Hagenbuch) Brouss.

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3 Responses

  1. Lauren says:

    Have read many conflicting reports- two support your theory – I found a Maria Magdelena listed b. 1750 elsewhere (should it be 1740?) & it said 2nd wife died birthing Christian

  2. Lauren says:

    One more thing! Anna Barbara . b 1764 was the youngest child of wife #3. And Christian b. 1747 would have been the youngest of wife #2! Youngest of wife #1 got the Tavern!

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Lauren. Thanks for your message. What tavern are you referring to? The Cross Keys? This was begun in the 1770s and owned by Henry (b. 1736) who was likely the only child of Andreas and his first wife.

      For the reasons and sources in this article, we believe the order listed second in the above article to be the most accurate order of Andreas’ children. However, we have made some minor tweaks since this was written, such as Maria Magdalena (b. 1750) being married to John Stapleton:

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