Daniel Schumacher’s Baptism and Confirmation Records

Daniel Schumacher Fraktur Detail
Detail of a Taufschein fraktur by Daniel Schumacher. Credit: Franklin & Marshall College Library

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  1. Thank you. I came across Daniel Schumacher in researching my ancestor Sebastian Werley (1728-1809)and Rosina Barbara nee Derr Werley (1727-1772). They settled in Weisenberg after comong to Pennsylvania in 1754. Schumacher baptized or confirmed all six of their children between 1760 and 1770. It appears they forgave him is roguish ways. They must have known he drank and cursed. He offered them comfort and what they believed was God’s blessing in a harsh and trouble land. Unhappy Native Americans were killing people around and about, burned out the red church, etc. And then, of course, the American Revolution. I doubt Sebastian and Rosina had bargained on these two conflicts. His poetic manner: he wrote when a child “saw the light of this world in Pennsylvania..” and then referring the parents as the honorable Frantz Bely and Christina… Imagine what music that must have been to exhausted immigrant farmers. I wonder what had occurred in Germany to send him to the new world. My suspicion is he got himself into some hot water there and fled. From perusing his baptismal list it appears he was well educated, albeit a liar. He certainly added color to the landscape. While Sebastian Werley helped found the Weisenberg Chruch, it seems he was a religious pragmatist. Just some of my random thoughts. If you find more about him, I would be most interested. Cheers from Salsbury Cove, Judith

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