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Ernest and Hannah Hagenbuch, 1943 1

The Five Families

Two weeks ago while searching Findagrave.com for information pertaining to my latest article, I came across a Christian Hagenbuch born in Germany in 1818 who is buried in Kansas. Amazed at this newly discovered...

Mark Hagenbuch Family 2017 0

Carrying on Traditions

In the movie Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye is faced with changing times and sings about tradition—the importance of the Papa being the head of the household. His wife, Golde, sings of the Mama...

Lillian Foust on Horse Detail 2

Family Transportation

For thousands of years, humanity’s modes of transportation never changed. Walking, riding animals, animals pulling carts or wagons, and water craft were the way that folks traveled. Then, steam locomotion came about, powering boats,...