Andreas Hagenbuch’s Soldier Sons: Part 2

The Soldiers Return by Bryant White
Detail of the painting "The Soldiers Return"

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  1. Avatar Robert Delroy Carl, III says:

    I am descended from Christian Hagenbuch and his wife Susanna Dreisbach, through their son John. I never knew of their Revolutionary War service! Thanks, Bob Carl, great-great grandson of Robert Deiroy Hagenbuch, who served in the US Army during the Indian wars of the 1870s.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Bob….can you contact me at my email address and tell me about Robert Delroy and the Indian wars…..that’s article material!! Yes, the sons of Andreas had some interesting military service…..when I started digging, I found out a lot more….AND, I’m sure there is info we just don’t have yet. Contact me at

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