Andreas Hagenbuch’s Soldier Sons: Part 2

The Soldiers Return by Bryant White
Detail of the painting "The Soldiers Return"

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3 Responses

  1. Robert Delroy Carl, III says:

    I am descended from Christian Hagenbuch and his wife Susanna Dreisbach, through their son John. I never knew of their Revolutionary War service! Thanks, Bob Carl, great-great grandson of Robert Deiroy Hagenbuch, who served in the US Army during the Indian wars of the 1870s.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Bob….can you contact me at my email address and tell me about Robert Delroy and the Indian wars…..that’s article material!! Yes, the sons of Andreas had some interesting military service…..when I started digging, I found out a lot more….AND, I’m sure there is info we just don’t have yet. Contact me at

  3. Cynthia Davison says:

    I’m so sorry for that post I’ve had trouble with my phone changing things on me. The last paragraph before the picture says Jacob is 13. But the last paragraph of the article after that picture says John is 13. And I apologize I got my people mixed up. I descend from Michael.

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