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Homer & Andrew Hagenbuch 1985 Detail 2

When the Photograph is the Memory

A few months ago, my aunt, Barbara “Barb” (Hagenbuch) Huffman, sent me a photograph that had been taken by my grandmother, Irene “Nana” (Faus) Hagenbuch (b. 1920). The image depicts my grandfather, Homer “Pop”...

Hans Herr House Detail 2

A Deitschy Day in PA

The deepest roots of our Hagenbuch family tree stretch into Switzerland and Germany. However, for those Hagenbuchs living in the United States, it is an oversimplification to refer to ourselves only as Swiss-German. After...

The Soldiers Return by Bryant White 3

Andreas Hagenbuch’s Soldier Sons: Part 2

Andreas Hagenbuch acted as an example for his sons by providing military service to early America. Not only did Andreas provide patriotic service during the Revolutionary War, he also had a history of providing...