Painting Portraits of Our Family, Part 1

Farmer Prized Bulls Detail
Detail of an painting showing a farmer with his prized bulls.

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  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    another good article….thanks again

  2. Joanna Klingeman says:

    I have listed in a document that heirs of Peter Klingaman-DEC-Date28 Feb 1829.
    Marcles-Mary Elizabeth-Klingaman married John Knepper–dec-leaving nine children.
    Magdalena Knepper married Jacob Hagenbuch.
    Salone Knepper married Isaac Hagenbuch.

    Peter his sons were Peter married Barbara Faust, John Married Catherine Hagenbuch, Jacob married Magdalena [Molly] Faust, Christian married Anna Marie
    Oswald, Michael married Anna Marie Schmidt. I do not have written proof for his sons.

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