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Ludwig Denig Picture Bible Detail 3

More Friends of the Family

As I prepared to write more about the friends of Andreas Hagenbuch, I thought, “If only Facebook was available in the 1700s and Andreas and his family were on it. We would know who...

Andreas Hagenbuch Estate Inventory Detail 0

Inventory of Andreas Hagenbuch’s Estate

Reconstructing the past can be a challenging task. The further one digs back through time, the fewer records exist to point the way. Such is the case when researching the first Hagenbuchs to emigrate...

Enoch Hagenbuch 1890 1

Enoch Hagenbuch: Early Family Historian, Part 1

Enoch Hagenbuch was a great grandson of Andreas Hagenbuch (Andreas b. 1711, Michael b. 1746, Jacob b. 1777, Enoch b. 1814). In 1884 he wrote a manuscript detailing what he knew of the Hagenbuch...