Town of Hagenbuch, Switzerland

Hagenbuch Switzerland Aerial View
Aerial view of Hagenbuch, Switzerland. Credit:

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  1. Diane Klopp says:

    Andreas Hagenbuch was baptized in Großgartach. Author Annette K. Burgert published his lineage in the book “Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, To Pennsylvania: Some Early Colonial German Immigrants” pages 29-31. Also provides his parents, grandparents, siblings, marriage records.

  2. Tina Hagenbuch says:

    We may be related

  3. local guy says:

    It’s very interesting to read about my home village and history. With people who left this beautiful village many years ago. Much information which I didn’t know.

  4. Dennis Hagenbuch says:

    This is pretty cool, would like to learn more family history!

  5. Eddie HARMON says:

    There must be some very intelligent people in Hagenbuch to design servo valve test stands.

  6. Barbara Cullaro says:

    My grandmother was Sarah hagenbuch

  7. Barbara Cullaro says:

    I have information for you and would to try to forward copies if my info to you by

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