Town of Hagenbuch, Switzerland

Hagenbuch Switzerland Aerial View
Aerial view of Hagenbuch, Switzerland. Credit:

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  1. Diane Klopp says:

    Andreas Hagenbuch was baptized in Großgartach. Author Annette K. Burgert published his lineage in the book “Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, To Pennsylvania: Some Early Colonial German Immigrants” pages 29-31. Also provides his parents, grandparents, siblings, marriage records.

  2. Tina Hagenbuch says:

    We may be related

  3. local guy says:

    It’s very interesting to read about my home village and history. With people who left this beautiful village many years ago. Much information which I didn’t know.

  4. Dennis Hagenbuch says:

    This is pretty cool, would like to learn more family history!

  5. Eddie HARMON says:

    There must be some very intelligent people in Hagenbuch to design servo valve test stands.

  6. Barbara Cullaro says:

    My grandmother was Sarah hagenbuch

  7. Barbara Cullaro says:

    I have information for you and would to try to forward copies if my info to you by

  8. Maryanne Hagenbuch says:

    I heard so much about Mark and Andreas from my mother growing up and I am looking forward to visiting next year. Wondering where we should stay?

    Grandparents – Jacob and Marion Hagenbuch, New Jersey
    Parents – John and Ella Jane Hagenbuch, Pennsylvania (deceased). I live in Bucks County, PA too.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Maryanne. Nice to hear from you! I believe my father, Mark, was in contact with your father back in the 1980s.

      That is great that you are going to visit the town of Hagenbuch! We have had some family travel through there in the past. I’m not sure any have stayed in the town, though. We had been in contact with the town’s mayor at one point.

      I live in Bucks County, as you. It would be nice to update your family’s details, if you are interested. Please shoot us message through our contact form and we can connect via email then: Again, great hearing from you!

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