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Hans Herr House Detail 2

A Deitschy Day in PA

The deepest roots of our Hagenbuch family tree stretch into Switzerland and Germany. However, for those Hagenbuchs living in the United States, it is an oversimplification to refer to ourselves only as Swiss-German. After...

Hex Signs Barn Detail 2

On Beech Trees and Dutchiness

For the past year and a half, since Andrew had the idea that our Hagenbuch genealogy should be shared on the Internet through weekly articles, a new awakening has occurred for me. I’ve shared...

Hagenbuch Switzerland Aerial View 7

Town of Hagenbuch, Switzerland

Before Andreas Hagenbuch and his family immigrated to America in 1737, they lived in either Grossgartach or Lomersheim in what is now southern Germany. While Andreas was a native German, his ancestors were not....