Connecting Cousins and Classmates

Milton High School 1926 Detail
Detail of a yearbook photo of Milton High School, 1926

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  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    As a side note .. two pairs of Paul Roat’s everyday “bib overalls” were passed down to me a few years ago. The connections just keep springing up. Keep up the good work .. thanks again for the information on family and friends.

  2. John Marr says:

    Nice article, I have one correction though, Helen (Keefer) Hartman, Schnure. Helen first married Charlie Hartman. Charlie farmed and also drove school bus. My brother Leon told me that Charlie picked him and the rest of the students up in the morning and that afternoon he never showed up and someone else did the bus run. He committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn. Helen grew up on a farm on Fairview road. Her grandfather owned Keefer Mill outside of Washingtonville on Keefer Mill road. Helen shared with me one day that when she was a little girl, she would sneak out of her Grandparents house and go down to the Mill and soon her Grandmother would come and get her and tell her that the Mill was no place for a little girl. Helen taught school at the Fairview one room school house and then taught at the Limestone Consolidated School when it opened and then retired from there. I may be wrong here on this item but was Nathaniel a brother of Helen and Edith? I was thinking that my Dad told me that Nathaniel was their brother? any input on that?

  3. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    You are right about Helen Keefer first marrying Charlie Hartman, but I wasn’t going to get into that story. Than Keefer was a brother to Minnie (Keefer) Hagenbuch married to my great Uncle Israel Hagenbuch. I can check the census but almost certain that Than’s daughters were Helen and Edith.

  4. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Hey John….just checked out 1930 census and yes, Edith and Helen were daughters of Than (Nathaniel) and Harriet Keefer and there was a son George. Than had a brother Jim Keefer whom I know great Uncle Israel’s children (Bruice, Andrew, Julia Hagenbuch) talked about. In fact, Andrew’s (Andy) middle name was James after James Keefer who was his great Uncle. Not trying to confuse. Also, Than, Jim and Minnie (Hagenbuch) had a sister Lydia married to William Lazarus whose son was Danny Lazarus, who was well known in Montour County. Lots of related folks and checking the census records is interesting to find all the relationships.

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