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Milton High School 1926 Detail 4

Connecting Cousins and Classmates

Genealogical research comes in all types of packages. Wherever information is found about someone, this can become a resource. One of the rarely used resources are school records and yearbooks. Several months ago, my...

Israel Lindner Bible 1850 Detail 2

The Family Bible: Part 3

A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. – Theodore Roosevelt There are six Bibles remaining in the collection of my family Bibles. However, at the end of this...

Andrew Snyder Family Bible Detail 1

The Family Bible: Part 1

Family Bibles are interesting pieces of memorabilia. They often have other pieces of memorabilia stuck between their pages, such as dried plants, braided hair, noted verses, and funeral cards. My mother’s Bible always lay...