2020: What Will Be Remembered?

People at Party
Detail from a photograph showing people at a party

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Hagenbuch says:

    Good job as usual….Happy New Year….from Florida!

  2. Marie Hagenbuch says:

    This year our ancestor, William C. Hagenbuch, appeared in the Hagenbuch family newsletter! When our grandson went to camp I began to include history from your past newsletters in my letters to him. The history of the Civil War soldiers, including his great, great, great grandfather, and the colorful picture of early times in this land before it became an independent country. The stories of their early years settling in Pennsylvania are a great way to appreciate history. I wish to extend my thanks to all the diligent Hagenbuch historians who bring those times to life. Happy New Year to all.

  3. barbara hagenbuch huffman says:

    Thank you , Mark and Andrew for the history lesson and the interwoven Hagenbuch history .
    Must say , I am happy the Fauses came back to PA as I’d rather be here than Ohio !
    I’m hoping someone reads this and says they know who those party – goers are . It is certainly not a square dance ! Love the photo of you and me , Mark . Look how young we are !
    Thank you both for doing these stories . I look forward to Tuesday to see what’s next !

  4. barbara hagenbuch huffman says:

    where’s the rest of the comments???

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