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Privy Detail 3

The Privy Bottle, Part 1

This two-part article tells the fictional story and true facts about a bottle recently discovered in a privy in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The year was 1875. Mr. Smith, from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, had taken the train...

Gravestone of Mark and Mary Hagenbuch 0

Mark, Mark, and Mark

Most of us find it curious when we run across someone who has the same name that we have, especially if our last name is Hagenbuch and our first name isn’t commonly used. I...

Andrew Snyder Family Bible Detail 1

The Family Bible: Part 1

Family Bibles are interesting pieces of memorabilia. They often have other pieces of memorabilia stuck between their pages, such as dried plants, braided hair, noted verses, and funeral cards. My mother’s Bible always lay...