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Cemetery Tour 76th Hagenbuch Reunion
Detail of a photo of the cemetery tour at the 76th Hagenbuch Reunion

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  1. Norma Hurter says:

    We had a wonderful time at our Hagenbuch Reunion from our time in Hidlay Church to the gathering in Hidlay’s Schoolhouse/Sunday school/Social gathering place, where we, the Hagenbuch Descendants gathered for our Reunion. I was feeling such a connection to where it was held, and the cemetery tour brought us close to our ancestors. Kirk Swenson, whom you introduced us, in Hidlay Church, we found out that his great grandfather, Rutter Hagenbuch was an older brother to my grandfather, Andrew Pierce Hagenbuch.
    I loved your article and i’m proud to be a “Hagenbuch”, even though I don’t carry the name.

    Norma Kay Hurter

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