To Hell and Back: Prisoner of War, Shadrach L. Hagenbaugh

Shadrach L. Hagenbaugh 1863 Detail
Detail of a photograph of Shadrach L. Hagenbaugh, 1863.

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  1. Dave Hagenbuch says:

    here is a lot that I could say about the subject of this article….but….I won’t. Thanks Andrew, as always….we are supposed to learn something new every day….thanks again.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Thank you, Uncle Dave, for your continued support! There are so many family stories left to be uncovered—many from the Civil War too. One element I didn’t include was that the day after Shadrach was discharged his older brother Caleb (b. 1828) was killed at the battle of Fort Gregg near Petersburg, VA. There was at least one other brother from this family that served in the Union Army too.

  2. E Fred Elledge says:

    I am unable to trace my Hagebok ancester, but assume it to be a phonetic translation. My wife’s GreatGrandfather Bell also survived Andersonville with a twist. They mislabeled a body and when he was about 55 he went back for a visit to see his grave with marker not far from the prison site.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Fred. Wow, is quite the story about finding his own grave there! Who is your “Hagebok” ancestor? This is almost certainly a Hagenbuch. Do you have their first name and another other dates or information? We might be able to make the connection. You can contact us directly through this form if you wish to share more detailed information:

  3. E Fred Elledge says:

    My 5th GreatGrandmother, Effie Elizabeth Laub, 1701-1860, husband Johannes Martin Flick, 1778-1861, was, per a hand-drawn family tree descended from Laub 1755/Hagebok 1755. Being especially interested in my maternal lineage, I have repetitively searched for her parents. I have no doubt that they were among the flood of people from the Palantine that came in through the Philadelphia port. Mr Flick was a German that entered with his parents. Effie apparently lived her life in Lycoming Co. and is buried there, although her fine gravestone does not have her maiden name. Borne in Penn twp & buried in Hughesville. I am via the McCarty family and Silas was also a Civil War veteran. Thanks so much for your response and any thoughts about tracing my (Hagebok) connection highly appreciated, E. Fred Elledge, Oceanside, CA via Edwards Co, KS.

    • Andrew Hagenbuch says:

      Hi Fred. I am going to send you an email today to the address you provided with your comment. I have some information which actually raises more questions and than answers.

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