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John G. and Shirley (Wolfe) Zisch Gravestone Detail 0

Alphabet Soup: Abreu to Zisch

If you have been reading the articles that Andrew and I have written over the past eight years, you know that I often reference my “paper records”, as I call them. I wrote about...

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Detail 1

Family On The Move: 1800–1840

The first part in this article series followed 300 years of family history from 1500 to 1800, as our Hagenbuch ancestors moved first from Switzerland to Germany and then to America. One line of...

Reuben Hagenbuch 1825 Detail 3

Untangling Four Reuben Hagenbuchs

In May I received a message from a reader, Tom, who was looking for information about Reuben Hagenbuch. Tom was hitting a dead end partly because there appeared to be several Reuben Hagenbuchs born...