School Picture Day

Limestoneville School Class Photo 1911 Detail
Detail of a photo of students at the Limestoneville School, 1911. Credit: Barb (Bogart) Robbins

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  1. John Marr says:

    Very nice article Mark. I really enjoy reading your stories and am amazed on what all you are able to come up with and keep coming up with new stories. There are a couple of things that you could add to your notes. I am pretty sure about the below. The Pfleegor kids, I would love to know which family they were from since Frank and his kids didn’t live in this area until the 1940’s. Below is what I rear that might not be just quite right and I thought you would like to know. I am impressed on how much you know about this area. I am slowly learning more and more and hope that I do not forget it all… 😉
    Hope you and your family are doing fine. talk soon, John

    #1 the road to walk to the school, , you have it as Route 45, it is Route 254.

    #2. The Pfleegor’s. I am not sure which Pfleegor family this would be. Frank Pfleegor moved to the Limestoneville area during World War 2. Frank had a farm near Elvira (all of this area was purchased by the United States Government to build the Ordinance Plant to make Dynamite.) When Frank’s farm was taken he moved outside of Limestoneville near the County line on what is now Rt.254. his son’s Jerry ended up with one farm and his other Son, Robert (Bob) bought the large white brick farm house and white barn which sits on Pfleegor Road today. with that being said, none of Frank Plfeegor’s children would be in that picture, but I would be interested in knowing which Pfleegor’s they are! now. maybe Frank moved away when he grew up and that his Dad and Mom and siblings lived in the Limestoneville area and that is the Pfleegor family. I do not know enough on who was Frank’s brothers and sisters.

    # 3. Earl Dye Sr. (this would be the one in the picture) later had his garage just across the road from Max Hoffman’s welding shop, I think that building would of been next to Ellen Hagenbach’s house. He ran his garage there until Rt. 254 was built and then he built his new garage right where you would turn to go back to Limestoneville. Earl Dye, Jr. later ran the garage after his father died. Do you remember his truck, it was a Red Federal with black fenders? he ran that truck for years and years.

    #4 you have the new school as the new California Elementary. The school’s name was Limestone Township Consolidated School.

    have a great night!

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