Remembering James H. Hagenbuch: a Brother’s Closure

Joseph Hagenbuch Painting 2007
Detail of a painted, self-portrait of Joseph Hagenbuch, the younger brother of James

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara Huffman says:

    What an amazing story ! I had chills but also tears thinking of how that meeting came to be ! Good one , Mark and Andrew ! Thank you for all the time you spend on these articles .

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks Andrew and Mark for this continuing story. There are times that I have also felt the pull of someone helping me to make decisions. I truly believe there are powers that guide our lives. Looking forward to the next chapter…..thanks again.

  3. Norma Hurter says:

    Thank you Andrew and Mark for bringing this story to light at our 2022 Hagenbuch Reunion. My husband and I were truly amazed and we are reading all the connecting articles.
    I love the words of Barbara Huffman and Dave Hagenbuch, I couldn’t say it any better than them.
    Thank you,
    Norma Kay

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