Hagenbuch Reunion History: 1946

Bernice and Herman Bogart
Detail of a photo of Herman and Bernice (Hagenbuch) Bogart, 1952

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  1. Barbara Huffman says:

    I love that photo of ”Pap Pap” and Bob ! And to think Aunt Florence took the minutes ( wrote the minutes ) and was very young . I can remember her reading them at the Reunions , so she was Secretary a long time . Well I remember Bernice reading them too . Am I right ? Very good article . I do not remember the 1946 Hagenbuch reunion !

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks again Mark and Andrew….I enjoy this very much….love to see the pictures, I know exactly where Pap Pap and Bob are sitting. There used to be a fence and a gate just to his right!!!! Such wonderful memories.

  3. Bob Hagenbuch Sr says:

    Wonderful memories! I don’t remember being at the ’46 reunion either, although I do recall being at many reunions at Sunnybrook Park, especially that great swimming pool!
    As for Pap Pap and me, you can see the fence and gate, with flowers either side. The woodshed is in the background. Fond memories all!

  4. Nancy H Worden says:

    Love the 1946 Reunion minutes, and neither do I remember attending! Wonderful memories. The photo of Bobby and Pappy is precious. Bobby looks focused on someone likely. Our grandfather’s hand size struck me as he held his grandson. I remember Rev. Lynn and family. Kudos Andrew and Mark for outstanding ancestery! Attending Oak Grove, our aunts, uncles, cousins were always present. When I sat with Grandma, if I was good, [sat still] she treated me to a pink candy, likely from Mrs Lahr’s store in Limestoneville! We were blessed.

  5. nancy carl (styer) says:

    i love reading about all the Hagenbuchs !t was great to see where mom and dad were married and the birth of paulla and jim . Last week dad celebrated his 99th birthday yes he is really slowing down alot . My sister (paulla) and my daughter (melissa ) and myself are taking care of him so that he will always be able stay in his home

  6. Ben Hagenbuch says:

    Another good history lesson

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