My Great Great Aunts, Sarah and Eliza: a Mystery or Not?

Sarah (Hagenbuch) Clark Gravestone Detail
Detail of a photo of Sarah (Hagenbuch) Clark's gravestone. Credit: Chyko

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2 Responses

  1. Robert A. Lamlein says:

    Dear Mark, What an insightful article that can be used as a primer for those beginning genealogical research. One cannot assume motives or relationships based on today’s realities: someday, researchers will note: “So and so lived before cellphones and texting, so they lost contact.”

    Discovering “the truth” in research is often less exciting than family myths or speculations. And sometimes, as in my family, “not knowing” covered scandals (infidelity), crime (murder), and suicides. It is the fun of research…thanks to the internet that allows us to explore those “extinct” families who died off before we were born.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks, Robert. As we genealogists know, there is no absolutes as we deal with people’s personalities, differing viewpoints, etc. But, I do find myself so many times wanting to create the character of my ancestors, to my liking!! And, believing certain situations existed i.e. that there was a rift between my great great aunts and the rest of the family. This is all the “fun” of real genealogy, though; not just listing names, dates and places. Thanks again.

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