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Thanksgiving Blessings Ad Detail 1

Family Thanksgiving News of Yore

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I began to wonder about what news I might find about Hagenbuchs celebrating the holiday during earlier times. What I found did not disappoint and even led to the...

Waiting for a Bite, Winslow Homer, Detail 2

Gone Fishin’… for Pheasants?

The following was reported 101 years ago in the “Short and Quick” section of The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: “Corkie” Hagenbuch, of Jamison City, near Bloomsburg, while fishing yesterday in West Creek, caught...

Mary E. (Kirkendall) Hagenbuch 1915 5

Mary E. (Kirkendall) Hagenbuch, Teacher

The following article, research, and information was completed by Norma Kay (Penman) Hurter about her grandmother, Mary E. (Kirkendall) Hagenbuch. Previously, Norma Kay has contributed other articles about her family including one about her...