Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

Mark Hagenbuch 1953 Detail
Detail of a photo of Mark O. Hagenbuch, 1953

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12 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday, Uncle Mark! It sounds like you had the perfect party to celebrate, <3

    Love, Rachel & Ed

  2. Sara says:

    Happy Birthday, Mark/Dad! We had an awesome time yesterday and are so glad to be able to celebrate with you.

  3. Kathleen Mangold says:

    Happiest of milestone birthdays Cousin Mark, from Will and me. Andrew, what a wonderful poem! Wonderful memories for all. Homemade grape nuts ice cream and I do believe that cake is wintergreen! Congratulations and much love!

  4. Julie says:

    Happy birthday dad! We had so much fun celebrating your 70th yesterday <3 I love that photo of you as a little baby with your siblings. Is that your first Christmas?! xoxo

  5. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday Mark ! I can say , I remember the day you were born !

    So happy you had such a lovely day yesterday with all the kids and grandkids . Love and Best Wishes ! Barb

  6. Jill Minick says:

    Happy Birthday 🎈

  7. Nathan says:

    Happy 70th Birthday!

  8. Robert A. Lamlein says:

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini….at the end of the sign, mine being June 20. I am sure you have a few stories about having to share “our day” with the Fathers of America….I guess they are important too, but not to this little fellow when all of “my birthday presents” went to my grandfather one year when I under 10. He was born two days after Christmas, and I am sure he had his set of related disappointments. Keep on trucking: Will your 80th and Father’s Day be the same?

  9. Sharon Whitmoyer Waltman says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Congratulations on hitting this milestone. Many thanks to you and Andrew for weaving these wonderful stories that include parts of my history in Limestone Township, Montour County, PA. If you are interested and able I would like to invite you to “Community History Day” with Van Wagner (http://www.vanwagnermusic.com/) and local Antique Car Club at the California Grange on Sunday, 7/16/2023. We will have a history circle where all interested can share their stories along with a few local historians. Turbotville Boy Scouts will have food along with an ice cream truck. Free concert with Van Wagner 6:30-7:30pm. Take care and keep going!!

  10. Bob Carl says:

    Happy Birthday, Cousin Mark and warm greetings from rural Montana where my internet just started working.! Thanks for your many years exploring the history of the Hagenbuch Family.


    Bob Carl

  11. Norma Hurter says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Mark From Skip and Norma Kay Hurter. We were so happy to attend the Hagenbuch reunion last year and meet your family. I know you are proud of your son, as you should be
    and we enjoyed the special poem so much.

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