Württemberg Geography

Grossgartach, Germany Illustration
Detail of an illustration of Grossgartach, Germany. Credit: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg

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  1. Jean McLane says:

    Great historic-geographic overview, with great illustrations. I notice all the houses illustrated are Fachwerk (half-timber) construction. The expression “square peg in a round hole” originated with the method of joining the stout oak timbers: a hole was bored through the two timbers, one with a slot and one with a tongue to fit into the slot, then a square oak peg was driven through the aligned holes by mallet blows to assure a tight fit.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    THANKS, Jean. We appreciate your message……Mark

  3. Robert Lamlein says:

    Thanks guys for another great and informative article. How would Andreas have travelled from one village to another? I sometimes dream of what a typical winter morning might have been like in Philadelphia before the Revolution. So cold with horses going by the front windows, The history of the period’s carriages is a great topic to explore. Mayor Samuel Powel (who died of a mosquito bite/yellow fever…his period’s Covid) had a handsome one that is now in the collection at Mt. Vernon. And, Benjamin Chew may have had the best. In keeping up with the Jones, most of them were imported from London on custom order….including Washington’s! Now to check your raisin bread!

  4. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Hello…..I have often thought the same thing. Did Andreas and his family have any horses, or even just one horse?, maybe a cart, but I’m sure not a coach. I am sure there was a lot of walking. You know we did publish a story about Samuel Powel’s house which was built by Charles Stedman, the captain of ship “Charming Nancy” that Andreas was on to America. I have been inside the Chew house, Cliveden, several times, as a British reenactor, even shot my musket out of the upper windows at the “Rebels” in the recreated Battle of Germantown. THANKS for your message.

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