The Seven Year Itch

Mark O. Hagenbuch Watercolor Painting
Detail of a painting of Mark O. Hagenbuch telling a story. Credit: Pam Wenger

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4 Responses

  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    thanks again guys for all the hard work you put in to this effort .. I’m real proud to be a part of it! Keep it up .. we are not only listening to, but also reading the stories. I’ve often said to others “life is all about people and stories” .. without one there would not be the other!

    • Mark Hagenbuch says:

      So true, so true, my brother from the same mother!! Memories lead to stories which lead to those who will listen – to the memories of remembering what they have heard and back to memories again. It’s a cycle!!

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    and what is a cycle between two brothers called? .. of course .. a “bicycle” .. and that explains how stories get started!! (we have had our moments!!)

  3. Ben Williams, says:

    Your story is in many ways mine and so many others who were fortunate enough to have parents….and grandparents who “talked about the old days.” If it started when we were young, small bits and pieces were added at the Thanksgiving table or on trips to see grandparents. I had to laugh when I brought up such family reunions in a high school history class and one student call it the Trip Form Hell. Then he proceeded to share humorous tales of his family heritage including his Great Grandfather’s charge up San Juan Hill. Those trips worked….Thanks Mark, this is a fine program.

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