William Hagenbuch Stands Tall

Stanley Hagenbuch by William Hagenbuch's stone at Trinity Oak Grove Lutheran Church.

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2 Responses

  1. Barb says:


    Thank you for another wonderful post about our family!

    You mention the family farm in Montour County where William died; where exactly is the family farm you mention?

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Barb….it’s where Bruce, Andrew and Julia lived, down the road from Oak Grove and below Joe’s farm (which was his father’s, Raymond. Before Bruce, Andy, and Julia it was Uncle Is(rael)’s farm, but must have also been owned by his father Hiram after William died in 1879. It would be interesting to find the answer to that question. William moved there in 1853 from the Hidlay Church area after his first wife died and he married Rebecca Muffley (but that’s another tale!). So between 1879 and Uncle Is getting the farm, I’m not sure if Hiram owned it, or not. Hiram owned the farm where the Milton country club now stands but he died in 1897.

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