Friends of the Family

Colonial Friends
Detail of a photo of colonial friends talking

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Hagenbuch says:

    thank you Mark and Andrew for another fine installment….looking forward to many more

  2. Fred Rizzo says:

    Thank you Mark and Andrew. I truely enjoyed reading about the Hagenbuch’s friends and neighbors. I was especially happy to see the reference to the Bailey family. While researching my family’s roots, I discovered that Martin Bailey was my 5th great grandfather. During my research the Hagenbuch, Dreisbach, Stumpf, and Brobst (Probst) family names often appear on church records and land deeds. Some other Bailey family researchers speculate that Martin Bailey’s mother Christina may have been a Hagenbuch, but I have not be able to confirm this. If you know of any marriges between the two families that information would be much appreciated.

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