Concerning Cows

Homer Hagenbuch Milking Cow Detail
Detail of a photo of Homer Hagenbuch milking a cow

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3 Responses

  1. Dave Hagenbuch says:

    loved that cow Bess!!!! she had two calves….so by 1966 I had a small herd of Jerseys myself!!

  2. Joseph J Robb says:

    Great article! I had a lot of reflections of my farming experiences with our herd of cows. My dad never ask me if I wanted to be a dairy farmer, but my experiences on the farm have enriched my life.

    • Dave Hagenbuch says:

      Joe..I think we all (the family) owe more to our parents than we can express for choosing the “simple life”. We would obviously be different people than who we turned out to be!!! And of course that goes for Grandma and Pap Pap Hagenbuch!! A big thanks from here!!

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