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Homer Hagenbuch Milking Cow Detail 3

Concerning Cows

How’s the Cow? It walks, it talks, it’s full of chalk. The lacteal fluid of the female member of the bovine species is highly prolific to the Nth degree. Some readers of this article...

William Paul Roat Tractor 1950 Detail 1

Dear Diary

Along with letters, baptismal certificates, newspaper articles, old histories, and other ephemera, diaries can be a very important part of learning about past generations. Knowing this, when I retired in 2008 I purchased a...

Barn Entryway Hagenbuch Farm 0

Life on a Hagenbuch Farm, Part 2: Sibling Memories

As this website deals with facts (although sometimes an unprovable family story is included), the adage “write what you know” attributed to Mark Twain is the usual standard. In that vein, I asked my...