A Box Full of Goodies, Part 2

Photo Postcard Friends Detail 1908
Detail of a photo postcard, c. 1908

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara Huffman says:

    Dear Mark and Andrew, Another winner ! Congratulations ! That box indeed holds many treasures . Imagine , Grandma and Pap Pap before they were married . And I love the old post cards . Thank you again !

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Thanks Mark and Andrew for the current posting. Like Barb writes above, the box is priceless and holds many treasures of the past. Would the writers be pleased that their sentiments be revealed over a hundred years into the future, or would they be careful not to express such personal feelings?!! Thanks again.

  3. Joyce Gerstenlauer says:

    Very exciting to have such personal finds. Wow! Thanks.

  4. JOSEPH ROBB says:

    One does wonder what from our time period will be shared hundreds of years from now. By what means and how will it be presented?

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