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Charles C. Hagenbuch 1939 1

My Uncle Charles: I Hardly Knew You

Many of you, like me, probably have an uncle, aunt, cousin, grandfather, or grandmother whom we wish we would have taken the time to sit with and visit. I don’t mean to quiz them...

Photo Postcard Friends Detail 1908 4

A Box Full of Goodies, Part 2

Readers may notice that Andrew and I attempt to write meaningful articles. It would be easy to scan a few photos or letters, describe them, and leave it at that. Instead, we strive to...

Clarence and Hannah Hagenbuch Laughing 6

Ellen Hagenbuch: Photographer

My Aunt Ellen died last February, 2018. The article Last of Their Generation described her life as a lover of family, flowers, and photography. After her death, her niece and nephew (my first cousins),...