A Box Full of Goodies, Part 1

Clarence Hagenbuch 1908
Detail of a photo showing Clarence Hagenbuch (right), 1908

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4 Responses

  1. Bob Hagenbuch Sr says:

    Wonderful! AND wedding dress scraps from our Scottish GG Grandmother!
    Thank you cousin Kathleen!

  2. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    Over a hundred treasures .. and over a hundred more stories!! I love stories, especially when they involved people I know!! Thanks Kathleen and Butch .. Thanks again Mark!! Will be waiting for more of those stories in the next weeks!

  3. John Marr says:

    I was looking at the picture of the horse at the Blacksmith shop. Looking at the picture, the building just showing the corner, the blacksmith shop does look like the building that later Max Hoffman had his welding shop, but if you continue on the left hand side of the photo, is the next building Max and Pauline Hoffman’s house and then behind that Larue Royers home and opposite of Larue, the General Store at the cross roads or could the next building be Limestoneville Wagon Works and then Max Hoffman’s house? From what I have read and heard that the Limestoneville Wagon Works was between the blacksmith shop and Max Hoffman’s house but never seen a picture of the Wagon Works. But I think the picture is showing Max and Larue’s house. What do you think? Thank you for sharing all of this.

  4. Barbara Huffman says:

    I just read this over again . Amazing ! All those post cards ( and so valuable ) get well cards and letters !
    Unbelievable ! Aunt Ellen knew what was important and what to keep .

    Thank you Kathleen . And also Mark and Andrew ! We are a lucky family to have you keeping the family history alive and safe !!!

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