Your Husband, Ben: Letters from the Civil War, Part 1

Benjmain Del Fel Hagenbuch 1864 Detail
Detail of a photo of Benjamin Del Fel Hagenbuch, c. 1864

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  1. Dave+Hagenbuch says:

    While in the U.S.Navy in the 1960s I remember letters and packages being sent and received. One package from Mom came while I was in boot camp at Great Lakes, Ill. She sent two dozen cupcakes in the mail!!! Needless to say the box was pretty flat when I got it. But the handfuls of cake and icing were appreciated!! When on long deployments at sea we numbered the outside of the envelopes as did the folks at home. That way we could read them in the order they were written!! Memories of Service Life!!!!! Thanks to all the Veterans for the sacrifices that were endured.

  2. Bruce Kistler says:

    I was interested to read that Ben was a musician at Tennallytown. My ancestor William Kistler was in the 7th Reserves and was Principal Musician at Tennallytown. In my book Across the Blue Mountain, I imagine what William might have experienced during his service.

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