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John and Emma Hagenbuch Reichard Farm 1914 2

Hagenbuch-Reichard Connections: Part 1

The March 9, 2021 article was about the connections between the Hagenbuchs and the Reichard family of Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Some of that information was provided by Shaun Creighton. In providing information, Shaun sent...

Hagenbuch Migrations 1900 Detail 3

Family On The Move: 1840–1900

Like many Americans, our Hagenbuch family story is about leaving one place for another, often in search of a better life and new opportunities. The first part in this article series followed our family’s story...

William L. Hagenbaugh Painting Monk with Conquistador 1

The Paintings of William L. Hagenbaugh

The Hagenbuch family tree is full of interesting characters—one of whom is William Louis Hagenbaugh (b. 1878, d. 1943). Several articles have been written about how William’s family migrated to northern California in the...