The Mystery of Tillie and Elias Reichard

Reichard Family with Tillie Hagenbuch
Detail of a photo showing the Reichard family. Tillie (Hagenbuch) Reichard is the shorter, older woman in the middle.

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  1. Shaun L. Creighton says:

    I am a direct descendant of Elias Reichard’s older sister Ellen (Reichard) Beagle. Her daughter, Lula Lawson, my great-grandmother (of Bloomsburg) was Elias Reichard’s niece. My Grandfather Lawson, originally of Bloomsburg (Williamsport in his adulthood) was Elias’s great-nephew. Elias has no living descendants. His only daughter “Lizzie” (Reichard) Poust, wife of David Jasper Poust, had three daughters. They were all old maids. The eldest daughter Lyle Poust died in the Influenza of 1918. Pearl and Ethel the other two daughters lived in the family home in Orangeville all their lives. Ethel the last surviving daughter died in 1993. My grandfather and my two great aunts were second cousins to the Poust sisters.

    Elias Reichard was a Civil War veteran as was his eldest brother Simon Reichard. Simon was a prosperous farmer in Frosty Valley and owned numerous properties in Bloomsburg. Simon Reichard’s only son, Jim Reichard, was the owner of what is now “The Inn at Turkey Hill” which the Eyerly family bought from the Estate of Jim Reichard’s widow Clara (Hagenbuch) Reichard in 1940.

    Elias was buried with his first wife Mariah Jane Mausteller at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Orangeville. His gravesite receives a flag every year in honor of his military service in the Civil War. Elias lived his adult life in Orangeville which is where he lived with his second wife Tillie (Hagenbuch) Reichard.

    Our cousin Jeanne (Reichard) Belford is the last living grandchild of John Reichard and Emma (Hagenbuch) Reichard. She is the daughter of Wilmer Reichard and niece of Raymond Reichard.
    Jeanne is now in her mid-eighties and the last of her generation – the great niece of both Elias and Tillie (Hagenbuch) Reichard.

    If you wish to contact me for more information about Elias and family feel free.

    Shaun L. Creighton

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    This is great news. Thanks so much. I want to put you on my list to contact.

  3. wm reichard says:

    I am a cousin to shawn, I am of the reichard line, this is great information an will be put in my family files. if you have any questions on the reichard maybe I can help.

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