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Surprise Party Hiram Hagenbuch 1894 Detail 8

The Grandfather They Never Knew

Recently, there have been several articles written about Hiram Hagenbuch (b. 1847, d. 1897). Dying as he did, at age 50 due to typhoid fever, there has been little information to pass on to...

Hiram Hagenbuch Detail 1

The Eyes Have It

There is a genealogical approach that distinguishes a “name and date only” genealogist from what I would call a “family” genealogist; and I would classify Andrew and myself as the second type. A family...

Joseph Hagenbuch, Emma Frances (Hagenbuch) Reichard, 1930 1

Joseph Hagenbuch, Liberty Township Farmer: Part 1

There have been several articles written about the Hagenbuch family church, Oak Grove Lutheran, which is located in Liberty Twp., Montour County, a few miles southeast of Washingtonville and Pottsgrove in Pennsylvania. There has...