The Last of the First Cousins

John Howard Hagenbuch Detail
Detail of an portrait of John H. Hagenbuch

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2 Responses

  1. Norma Hurter says:

    I loved your article on first cousins. As the years go by it’s harder and harder to get together. My cousins Merrill and Blaine Hagenbuch were in charge of our last few reunions, which we no longer have. They were held many different places, but most of them were at Hidlay Church near Light Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania.
    When we were kids, some of us got to see each other more often, because I grew up next door to our grandparents, Andrew Pierce and Mary Ethel Hagenbuch and some cousins lived nearby.
    I need to look for some old pictures to share.
    I was the granddaughter who collaborated with your son on the article about Andrew Pierce Hagenbuch.

  2. Mark Hagenbuch says:

    Andrew and I would really enjoy having copies of the photos. If you can scan them and send them to Andrew, that would be wonderful and we can do another article on your family. Also, our Hagenbuch clan has continued our reunion, although not every year, esp. due to Covid….BUT, next year we plan on it in June. We have the date and place listed in a previous article. Not sure where you hail from, but maybe you can attend next year? Your 5th cousin, Mark

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